Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The wonder of the Pisco Sour

After Darrell told us about the history and wonder of the Pisco Sour, we set a goal for ourselves. We would try to have 100 Pisco Sours between the four of us in the 8 days in Chile. A Pisco Sour is made with Pisco, the national spirit of Chile (Grape brandy), Limon de Pica (a greenish to yellow skinned lime from Chile), and egg white (for body, but a syrup of Gum Arabic is usually substituted), shaken with ice, poured, and then a drop of bitters is usually splashed on top. Every Pisco Sour we had was delicious, but slightly different from the last. They are very refreshing. The most interesting one we had was at Inacap University where they made a version that we can do here in the U.S. since Limon de Pica is not available. They cut the top and bottom off of a lemon. Quartered the lemon, then put it into the blender. They immediately passed it through a fine sieve. This juice was shaken with Pisco, a touch of powdered sugar, and ice. Upon Darrell's tasting, he said "Maybe we can make a good Pisco Sour at home now". We'll let you know what our final count will be at the end of the trip. We're giving it our best shot...

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