Monday, June 8, 2009

The first day's dinner

June 7, 2009. On the walk back from the mall, it was amazing to experience the smell of the coming winter in the air. There was a briskness filled with the scent of turned leaves. It gave us hunger, so Darrell steered us to the Matsuri Restaurant at the Grand Hyatt. We had our own room, where Darrell poured a 4 year old Chilean Pisco Reserva with a grape tendril inside that he bought in a Macy's like store at the mall. It was delicious. A bit Grappa like with wisps of dry herbally licorice notes. I cut it with Evian water after the first sake glass of it. It really softened the burn, but the flavors held beautifully. Darrell ordered Chawan Mushi soup with prawn and chicken, Gyoza, Sashami of Chilean sea bass and Robolo, fried rice, and a bottle of '08 D.O. Maipo Valley Pinot Noir. Japanese dinner was a perfect call by Darrell. The meal was good, satisfying, and light. Now off to bed.

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