Sunday, June 7, 2009

Our Pisco Sours at One Flew South

June 6, 2009. While sitting down to dinner during our 3 hour layover in Atlanta, Darrell noticed a few bottles of Pisco on the bar. Pisco is the national distilled spirit of Chile (Peru shares the distinction). It is a brandy produced from aromatic varieties of grapes. Darrell asked our server, Carolyn, if she could make us Pisco Sours.
She cheerfully replied that she could. Pisco Sour you ask? This was the top cocktail in San Francisco in the 1850's because California really only had gold in 1850, so we traded liquor and citrus with Chile. The Pisco sour is a delicious, refreshing cocktail made with the juice of the Limon de Pica Chilean lime, egg white (powdered egg white or goma syrup - syrup of sugar and gum arabic are used now), mixed in a cocktail shaker with ice, then usually poured into a champagne style flute glass and topped with a drop or two of aromatic bitters. These are so good we're going to try to resurrect San Francisco's top cocktail then, and Chile's favortie cocktail now, into our favorite national cocktail over this summer. Hey, the Mojtio became a craze and is in the minor league compared to the Pisco Sour, as far a s I'm concerned.

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