Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Nano Vehicles

Chile may very well have the distinction of having the most diverse number of cars and trucks on the road in the world. We never saw two of the same make, model, or even body style of car or truck next to each other at any one time. I was taken by the mini, micro, and even nano in vehicles there. Chevrolet has a Corsa model there which I affectionately named the "Chevrolet Pimpola" yes... that's pimple. Although I never snapped a picture of the Pimpola, I did get the closest thing...that would be the Hyundai Blemish". I loved the Suzuki super micro van. I tried to sell Esther on bringing one home and told her she could use it as an equipment van. The Company logo would look really good on it and might just fit on it. She could probably even squeeze her camera inside.

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